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Found on the Net.

Posted in Cucarachas.

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Welcome to Cucarachas, the community to post and discuss anything you can find in on-line news channels. You can post anything you feel like sharing: hilarious stuff, disgusting stuff, scandalous stuff, bizarre stuff, etc, etc, etc...

There're a few rules you must follow or we'll ban you immediately:

* Do not copy-paste articles, link them and not tell us what you personally think of them. If you post something and don't share your own opinion on the subject,
your post will be deleted.
* Homophobic, xenophobic, racist and any other unpleasant-to-illegal articles are allowed, but if you post a positive opinion about those, you will be banned. The same goes for your comments.
* Foul language is allowed, but once you abuse any of our members,
you will be banned.
* You may join regardless your age, but once you act immaturely,
you will be banned.
* Any off-topic post ( off-topic means you haven't linked an article), will be deleted.
* LJ drama will not be tolerated. There are communities for drama. This is not one of them!! Any post, comment or conversation starting a fight will be deleted!!
* This is a public community. Do not share personal stories, as others may be embarrassed. Use your journal for that!

Have a nice day and enjoy!


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